Indicus Paints



As the sun set on the hunter-gatherers, their fortune in the wild was to change soon.

The Fire, the Seed, and the mighty Bull, ushered the journey of civilization's bloom.

Civilization, they say, began with tilling the land and with the bull pulling the first plough that broke the ground. Ever since, the bull has been a symbol - of vitality and power, of possibility, of capability.


The word Indicus connotes the indigenous nature of the brand as it is derived the scientific name of Humped Cattle originating in India - Bos Taurus Indicus, which includes the Indian bull.

It is in this extraordinary essence of the beast - its robust nature and extreme reliability, its contribution towards humankind's betterment and its continuity and consistency through time - that our brand, Indicus, finds inspiration.


INDICUS brand is part of the VNC family of brands

Founded in 1983, VNC’s brands are now a market leader in many product categories. VNC operates with leading brands & products in multiple categories: welding consumables, steel wires, fencing solutions & waterproofing solutions.

Our Vision

We aim to provide everyone with reliable, performance-oriented solutions and services that help them turn their dream home into a reality.

Our Mission

To deliver a complete functional solution for decorating and enhancing your dream home.

Our Services

We offer a range of solutions for every home decoration and maintenance function with new-age, performance-oriented products.