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Indicus Glaz – Beauty All Around

Wood and metal elements are a staple in many homes because they add character and personality. However, if the paint is not carefully chosen, over time they can lose their lustre.  Worn-out wood and metal surfaces can be an eyesore and make the room weary.

With Indicus Glaz, both the metal and wooden surfaces can get a smooth and premium glossy finish with excellent weather and stain protection. 

Glaz is a solvent-based enamel that gives a mirror like gloss finish to the painted surface. Its durable film protects the surface against weather conditions and is resistant to household stains.

INDICUS GLAZ can be used on suitably prepared steel, wooden and masonry surfaces and in both interior and exterior areas. Before using Glaz, it is very important to prepare the surface suitably as that impacts the life of Glaz on the surface.

For best in class protection to the surface, choose an appropriate Indicus Protective Coating that acts as the best companion to Glaz.

For more information about Glaz, please visit or call 1800 599 3939.

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