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INDICUS HEATSEAL is a heat reflective waterproof coating for all types of cementitious surfaces. Its long lasting glossy white colour and specially added microspheres reflect solar radiation back into the atmosphere and keeps the interior of the building cooler. HEATSEAL forms an elastic and tough membrane that provides excellent resistance against ingress of water.

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Heatseal Iamge

Added Microspheres

Microspheres are highly elastic thermoplastic polymer that improves solar reflectance.

10° C Heat Reduction*

Radiates heat and reduces the temperature by upto 10° C.

4 Years Waterproofing Warranty**

Excellent resistance to ingress of rain and stagnant water.

Energy Saving

Heatseal reduces need for air conditioning, which in turn reduces the energy consumption.

* On tested conditions.

** Conditions apply. Please refer INDICUS HEATSEAL Warranty Guide for conditions and information on the warranty available at