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Introducing INDICUS HEATSEAL – A Heat Reflective Waterproof Coating!

The roof of a building is perhaps the most important component of a home. When it rains, we go in search of a roof to protect ourselves from the water. When the sun reaches its peak in the summer months, we look for shade under a roof or a tree. The idiom having “a roof over one’s head” means having a place to live, one of the basic human needs.

Roofs perform two very important functions. In an increasingly hot country like India, roofs keep the heat out. However, reinforced concrete has higher thermal conductivity than materials like clay bricks. Further, concrete also has a high capacity to ‘store’ heat. We have all tried to avoid renting or buying apartments on the top floor, isn’t it? Roofs also need to withstand the ingress of water. During torrential rain, waterfalls on roofs perpendicularly, and at speed. Any water seepage can mean costly repairs and great inconvenience.

To protect roofs from water and heat, VNC Group is excited to introduce a unique 2-in-1 heat reflective, waterproof coating product, INDICUS HEATSEAL.

INDICUS HEATSEAL forms an elastic and tough membrane that provides excellent resistance against ingress of water into the roof due to rain or stagnant water. Its long-lasting glossy-white color and specially added microspheres reflect solar radiation back into the atmosphere. Application of INDICUS HEATSEAL reduces the temperature of the roof by up to 10°C, thereby keeping interiors of the home cooler and reducing air-conditioning costs. It also increases the service life of the roof by resisting efflorescence, alkali attacks, UV and IR rays. INDICUS HEATSEAL is highly elastic in nature, accommodating thermal movements and bridging cracks in the roof up to 2 mm.

INDICUS HEATSEAL can be used for any of the following applications.

  • Flat or sloped concrete roofs, slabs, terraces, awnings & sunshades
  • Roofs made of other materials like concrete screeds, asbestos, lime terrace, and Brick Bat Coba after suitable surface preparations and repairs
  • Exterior coating for water tanks

INDICUS HEATSEAL has been tested for high performance. In fact, we are so confident about its performance that we are backing it up with a one-of-a-kind 4-year waterproofing warranty!

Beware of products that perform just waterproofing or cooling but claim to do both! Waterproofing coatings do not reflect heat fully just because they are white in color! Cool paints do not protect your home from water seepage. Waterproof and heatproof your home together with INDICUS HEATSEAL!

For best results, apply one self-priming first coat by diluting INDICUS HEATSEAL with 30% of the water on a horizontal surface and 10% water on the vertical surface and allow it to dry. For the second coat apply undiluted coat of HEATSEAL perpendicular to the first coat.

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