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Have you heard of primer, while getting your house painted? A primer is a coating that is applied to walls and ceilings prior to painting. Often, primer quality is ignored, leading to poor painting jobs despite using expensive paints.

Primer seals the wall surface and helps create a bond that lets paint stick to the surface better. This creates a better, long-lasting paint finish on the wall. Primer also blocks colors, a must if you are painting a light color over a dark one.

Keeping the importance of primers in mind, VNC announces the launch of its new water-based primer, INDICUS ULTRAPRIME.

INDICUS ULTRAPRIME is a wall primer suitable for priming your plastered wall, ceiling, and other masonry works. It is specially formulated to ensure deep penetration and sealing of porous surfaces.

Some of the key features of INDICUS ULTRAPRIME are
1. Outstanding adhesion
2. Higher coverage
3. Smooth & uniform base
4. Reduces porosity
5. Excellent opacity

INDICUS ULTRAPRIME comes in two variants, ULTRAPRIME EXTERIOR for priming exterior walls and ULTRAPRIME INTERIOR for priming internal walls and ceilings. INDICUS ULTRAPRIME works best along with INDICUS ULTRACOAT.

For more information about ULTRAPRIME, ULTRACOAT, or other products in the INDICUS range of construction chemicals, please visit

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