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Advantages of Bright Ceilings

Ceilings are often not given importance while painting a house but giving it a bright finish has quite a few advantages.

Energetic mornings

Bright white is one of the most popular options for the ceiling. It is not only calming and relaxes your mornings, but it also gives you ample space to make your day more energetic. White ceilings are always simple & elegant. They can fill the vast space with a surprising amount of warmth and peacefulness.

Boosting confidence

Bright ceiling is traditionally associated with confidence. Where it reflects light more than the other four walls which keeps the mind creative and the living area enhanced. When the decor is lacking in colour, a stunning ceiling bright serves as a focal point to bring the eye towards the room’s centre.

Positive thoughts

A bright ceiling will reflect the most amount of light and can help tie together the best of our life to the other contrasting elements of your room. Painting the ceiling bright is the right choice to avoid bad vibes entering, especially when the room lacks light. Bright ceilings can combine well with positivity to create a deep, personality-filled environment for any mood you choose to set in your space.

Induces a soothing mood

Bright ceilings bounce the light around and soothes the occupant’s mood especially if the room has no sources of natural light. It provides the appearance of a calmer space and can also aid in better sleep

Illusion of space

Bright ceiling paint gives the impression of more space, making spaces appear larger. If you’re working in a tiny room, bright ceiling paint will instantly make it feel spacious and keep you relaxed. If you’re working in a bigger room, it will even completely open space and also make you think better.

About Indicus Ceiling Bright

INDICUS CEILING BRIGHT is a water-based acrylic emulsion formulated specifically for ceilings. Its super bright white colour creates a spacious feel and maximises ambient
light in the room.

For more information about Indicus Ceiling Bright, visit or call 1800 599 3939.

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