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Warm Wall Colours To Beat The Monsoon Blues

The monsoon is here, and with it comes the downpour of rain. It’s dark, damp, and cold—a perfect time to curl up on the couch with a good book or Netflix binge-watch. But don’t let that put a damper on your mood! With the right colour scheme in place, you can brighten up any room (or house) in just a few steps.

As we all know, monsoon is dull cosy weather. Research shows that the sound of the rain produces alpha waves in our brains, making us feel relaxed and sleepy. So, let’s lift the mood of our houses with the right colours for the walls.

Unconsciously colours play an important role in affecting our moods every day. There are two types of paint colours – warm and cool. Cool shades calm you down and provide a relaxing environment. While warm colour schemes create an energetic ambiance and elevate the dullness of the room providing radiant vibes.

With monsoon blues, we all need some colour to beat the gloom. And here are our top picks for brightening up your home this season: red, yellow, pink, orange and brown!

Lantern Glow

Yellow in all its hues represents a variety of positive emotions, including sunshine, cheerfulness, energy, warmth and hope. Numerous studies indicate that yellow objects often stimulate our brains to produce fresh ideas. Any boring or gloomy surface can be brightened up with a splash of yellow on it. It evokes happy and positive vibes.

Lantern is one such shade from Indicus to instantly amplify the brightness of the room.

Strawberry Fields

When the sky gets gloomy use Strawberry fields to spruce up the space. Red is the colour that elicits the most intense feelings and increases the room’s energy level. It is vibrant, stimulating and exciting with a strong link to passion, confidence and increased appetites. Regardless of how subdued the tone, red always adds a touch of drama to every room.


Pink is a delicate hue which is misconstrued as a colour only to be used for little girl’s rooms. Pink speaks of nurture, love and femininity. Its soothing tones make it a favourite for bedrooms, but with the right execution, it works well in living room schemes. The shade Emily is neither too bright nor too dark, the ideal shade for the room with a sense of softness.


Placed between red and yellow on the colour wheel, orange embraces the courageous side of red and invokes the cheerful side of yellow. This colour complements various aesthetics, such as contemporary, cottage, and eccentric, with just a few tone adjustments. Vibrant colour schemes with orange hues are fabulous choices for modern interior design. Sundawn is perfect for stylish interior walls. This colour adds warmth and creates cosiness in the rooms. Orange brings optimism and dynamic energy into home interiors.

Caramel Kiss

Caramel Kiss is a calming and cosy hue. Being a neutral colour, it often lends a warming element to colour palettes. It’s a colour that provides steadiness and a sense of anchoring, enabling rooms to instil a state of warm snug comfort. Not all shades of brown are ominous and dramatic. Brown is often regarded as a luxurious colour on fashion runways and in high-end homes. It is an exceedingly adaptable colour to suit almost any design. This shade goes well with walls, floors, room furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures.

The monsoon is one season which provides everything – productivity, freshness, and positivity. But, it brings along a lot of negative effects as well making your home look dull. Just like in the wall art, paint your interiors with colours that help to emanate good vibes into your living space.

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